Artificial Intelligence

The AI Cleaning Robot Hotels and Homeowners will be Using to Disinfect Beds and Kill Germs

If you do not believe that you need some exposure to germs to boost your immune system, the CleanseBot could be an ideal option for you. The Roomba-shaped robotic device uses UV-C light to kill off bacteria, helping you to keep your sheets and surfaces germ-free.
These models represent the onset of the use of robotics in the home when other projections largely place them in a workplace environment.
As it stands, robots are already being developed for other fields. In education, they are being utilized to develop curriculums that match each student’s unique needs. They have also been designed as toys for children, with certain models working as teachers’ aides.
Robots have also been used to deliver medication and blood to different medical departments, allowing for efficient breakdown of services. New models can even be used to maintain a drug distribution schedule in hospitals, allowing doctors to focus on critical patients instead of making rounds.
In crime fighting, robots are quickly becoming the go-to bomb disarmament units. The precision they offer, as well as the ability to manage remote detonation has made them ideal for this purpose.
They can also be used for surveillance, which helps reduce the risk of crime fighting efforts on the civilian population. Robots are also useful in restaurants and other environments where they are required to customer support.

But can robots find use in the home?

The CleanseBot, which is set o be released this month, will guarantee improved domestic services. You can perform your chores autonomously and help to ensure a germ-free environment in your home. While this robot offers advanced germ killing action, it is only the latest release in a populated field.
Smart technology has enabled the development of other automated home cleaning devices that are designed to help you address different aspects of sanitation in your home. The robot vacuum and robot mop are two robots that are already creating interest in robotics for the home.
There is a range of camera-fitted robotic devices that can be used to improve the level of security in your home. With drones and mobile monitors, you can keep an eye out for potential threats.
These robots can be controlled remotely, and will store recorded information on external devices, allowing you to review and address any issues for improved security. Robotic toys could also have a role to play at home. They may be designed for social interaction with children or the elderly, allowing for a trustworthy and programmable sitter.
You will not have to worry about security concerns of letting a stranger manage your home and take care of your family when you can access tried and tested robotic alternatives.