Flying Motorcycles are Now a Reality with the Launch of La Moto Volante

The La Moto Volante is a flying motorcycle that can morph back to being a regular motorbike at will. Unlike popular scenes from the Harry Potter movies, the La Moto Volante doesn’t use magic. Instead, it features technology like 96,000-rpm JetCat jet turbines for each wheel hub.
Unlike the movies, La Moto Volante can only hover for a little while at a time. It also requires about 60 seconds before it can achieve its ability to hover. Functional flying cars are well beyond human capability at this time, but the La Moto Volante could signify major steps in helping overcome the barriers involved in its achievement.
There are many other modern changes other thank flying motorcycles that are silently impacting transportation. People may not realize how close these technologies are to being realized, with many being accustomed to long waits for flights, congestion and traffic, poor fuel efficiency and expensive transport across longer distances.
Here are some major steps that have been developed or are already being implemented to revolutionize transportation.

The Self-Driving Car

The technology is still in development, with present models still unable to achieve complete automation. However, there is a lot of investment that has gone into the production of technology to help facilitate autonomous vehicles.
For instance, while Volvo’s proprietary system that identifies and prevents drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel is still under development, Tesla has already made public models that can autonomously park.
There are some operational, moral and security issues that still need to be addressed, but this technology is almost ready to go public. The potential for increased road safety is immense.

Smart Cars

Did you know that smart cars already exist? Smart technology basically defines machines that are able to understand preferences and which can be tweaked to help achieve optimum function.
For instance, the smart phone is smart because of its ability to adjust to meet your needs and because it uses innovative technology to reduce power consumption and enhance user experience. Are there any vehicles that perform similar functions? One could argue for the hybrid vehicle as a product of smart technology.
These cars are compact and fuel-efficient, and make use of the latest technology to provide drivers with an emission-free and enjoyable experience on the road.

The High-Speed Train

Many countries have already invested in this technology and are reaping the rewards of efficient transportation. The development of a high speed rail network in more places around the world could help reduce congestion and boost the efficiency of travel.
Imagine travelling across multiple states in minutes! With already existing innovations such as Japan’s high speed rail network, and new ideas such as Elon Musk’s underground Hyperloop, the future of transportation could already be here.