Trezor Model One & Model T Review [2020]

Trezor Model One and Trezor Model T

As cryptocurrency becomes more prevalent, so does the need for its security. And hardware wallet offers the ultimate solution for now. They are more secure, convenient, and robust than the software wallets.

Hardware wallets or cold storage is reliable and do not compromise the safety of your cryptocurrencies. Today we review two models of Trezor hardware wallets.

What are Trezor Hardware Wallets?

Trezor hardware wallets are cold storage for cryptocurrencies. It was developed by Satoshi Labs in the Czech Republic. The first wallet, called the Model One, was introduced in 2014.

The wallets are well known for their robust security and ability to function offline. They are also portable, which is one of the many reasons that make it a favorite in the cryptocurrency world.


Trezor Model One

As one of the oldest hardware wallets on the market, the Trezor Model One is still a favorite. What is so special about this portable coin wallet? Find out below. 


The Trezor Model One has unrivaled security. To use this hardware wallet, it needs to be connected to a computer via a USB cable. This makes it almost impossible to be hacked even in computers that have been compromised.

A 24-word recovery phrase protects your assets on this hardware wallet. It is also called the recovery seed. It can also be used to recover your assets from another compatible wallet in case the hardware wallet gets lost or stolen.

It has a compact design which makes it very portable. The navigation screen is rather small on this one. The navigation is performed through the two buttons.

It is not difficult to navigate the wallet since most of the operation can be quickly done through the app installed on the computer or a smartphone. However, it can be improved.

In terms of compatibility, the Model One is a champ. It is compatible with over a thousand types of cryptocurrencies. You will have no problem making transactions with this versatile wallet.

Benefits of Using Model One

The benefits of using the Trezor Model One include:

  • Unparalleled security for your assets
  • Ability to recover your coins and transaction history
  • Compatibility with a vast number of cryptocurrencies
  • Ease of transporting


The Trezor Model One is priced at 48.76 EUR or 44.26 USD. Click here to buy one.


Trezor Model T

The Trezor Model T is an upgraded version of Model One. It has all the features of its great predecessor and then some. This hardware wallet has some distinct improvements from the first model both in terms of design and functionality.


As the next-generation hardware wallet, the Model T does not disappoint. It has a touchscreen that makes navigation more seamless and easy. Navigation is done on the touchscreen.

Similar to its old comrade, the Model T has unrivaled security. The PIN that you have to input on the device shuffles to makes sure that your PIN does not get compromised. The PIN for the wallet can be anywhere from 4 to 9 digits.

You can also enter the BIP39 passphrase on the screen, which is fantastic. The 24 back up seed can be used to recover your assets in case the wallet gets lost or stolen.

The Model T comes with a micro SD slot which can be used for encrypted storage. None of the information from the hardware wallet gets transferred to the computer or the micro SD in case you’re concerned.

This new wallet supports even more coins than its predecessor. It is also smaller in size when compared to Model One.

Another feature of the Model T that is distinct is the advanced processor. It is much faster than the older model, not that the old one was slow. However, you will notice that the new wallet is much faster.

It connects easily to computers and smartphones through the USB cable. Another difference you will notice about the Model T is that no information is shared on the computer. This was not the case with Model One.

Benefits of Using Model T

The benefits of using Trezor Model T include:

  • Enhanced user interface
  • Unmatched security for your coins
  • Easy portability
  • Effortless setup and initialization
  • Additional storage with encrypted information


The price of the Trezor Model T is 149 EUR or 164.88 USD. Click here to buy one.


Why Having a Professional Hardware Wallet is Important

A professional hardware wallet is the best solution if you have any level of assets in cryptocurrency. As much as new technology keeps developing to ensure that your coins are safe. Somewhere there is a technology that is being developed to counteract these safety measures.

A hardware wallet has many advantages than any other form of wallet at the moment. These advantages include:

  1. The use of private keys keeps your device safe from malware and viruses. Unlike software wallets, hardware wallets are immune to most malware. It is because hardware wallets use private keys, and they also function offline, so no information is transmitted to the internet or the computer.
  2. The private keys of the hardware wallet are typically stored in the area of a microcontroller that is protected. This makes it impossible for it to be transferred outside the wallet.
  3. Hardware wallets typically need to be connected to a device to work. This makes it very secure to use the wallet as wired connections are not vulnerable to hacking. This is not the case with a wireless connection. The hardware wallet also works with a PIN, which makes it even more secure.
  4. You can recover your assets as well as your transaction history in case the hardware wallets get damaged, stolen, or lost.

In Conclusion – Trezor Model One & Model T

Securing your assets has become even harder when everything is digitized and centralized on the internet. This has given even more leverage to those who take pleasure in hacking the most secure systems.

A professional hardware wallet is the best way to conduct safe and secure transactions. This is not only a great way to secure your wealth but your sanity as well.