Ongoing Volatility Provides Opportunties For Shake-ups in Top 20 Cryptoassets

In recent weeks much of the focus within the cryptocurrency industry, and outside of it, has been on a public spat, week-long hash war and separation of the two major power-brokering factions of Bitcoin Cash.
The 2017 Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash hard-fork was predicted to rock stability within the markets. It ultimately passed without issue and if anything heralded a period of optimism and price growth that preceded and led to the 2017 bull run.
The same cannot be said for the most recent major hard-fork, with Bitcoin Cash split contributing largely to the most severe price drop seen throughout 2018.
2018 has seen a range of dramatic turns of event within the markets.
Most recently 2nd place on the cryptoasset marketcap podium has transitioned from Ethereum to Ripple. Ripple’s marketcap now stands at $12,318,923,173, taking over from Ethereum this week, which now has a current marketcap of $9,054,328,903.
But there are yet more potential trade-offs within the top 20 to be seen as we move into 2019:
Cardano overtaking Tron for 10th Spot
Cardano is currently sat at a marketcap of $775,454,995, which is close to $100 million short of Tron’s $878,979,134.
Tron have spent much of 2018 climbing the marketcap leaderboard, and recently have released a range of different technologies including the Tron Virtual Machine and Smart Contracts, their decentralized exchange, TronWatch, and recently incorporating both additional privacy measures including zk-SNARKS.
Cardano is trailing by close to 12% of total value however, and it’s only been within the past 48 hours that Cardano has itself been overtaken by Tron.
In 2018 Cardano have made significant steps ahead. The project signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Ethiopia, plenty of development activity and multiple major exchange listings including Binance and Huobi.
Binance Coin overtaking Iota for 13th Spot
Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, spoke earlier this week at the Forbes “Decrypting Blockchain for Business” event in Singapore. Zhao made an announcement that Binance are planning to create their own chain, named “Binance Chain”.
Since their launch in 2017, Binance have grown to become a major player within the cryptoassets industry, with Binance Coin being the most successful exchange utility coin to be created.
Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin Cash for 5th
Following last months hard-fork and subsequent has war between the supporters of Bitcoin Cash SV and Bitcoin Cash ABC (now simply Bitcoin Cash), both have remained in the top 10.
In the past few hours, the marketcap of Bitcoin SV has increased enough for that currency to overtake both Tether and Bitcoin Cash to hold the 5th spot currently.

Currently as the market is down across the board, Bitcoin SV remains the only asset in the top 97 cryptocurrencies to be positive over the last 24 hours by more than 1%. Bitcoin SV is currently up 18.26%, whereas Bitcoin Cash has dropped by 15% in the past 24 hours.