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    The Top 5 Most Unethical AI Projects to Date

    As we are facing emerging technology nowadays, AI development is one of the best innovation we have. For a thing to be called good technology that is being developed, it should adhere to the standards of being useful for the community. I find it positive for all the projects you've mentioned...
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    Hello! new user here!

    Glad that you're here now KevinHD! Please make sure to drop by at our cryptocurrency and blockchain section, I will be happy to answer your questions :)
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    New user here!

    Hello EXE Welcome to Emerging Technology. We'll be here to guide you, if you have any questions or concerns, please, feel free to contact us!
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    Hello Uzordin! Welcome to Emerging Technology. We'll be here to guide you, if you have any questions or concerns, please, feel free to contact us!
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    Developing Forums

    Incorporating all the capabilities we have including the furnishing of the TECH token will enable us to make things possible with regard to increasing traffic and post count here on our forum. Allot of time and effort needs to be dedicated and I am pretty sure, soon we'll have more activities to...
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    Brand new account here

    Hello @QBit Welcome here! We'll be happy to help you learn more about the TECH token! Should you have any question or inquiries, feel free to reach us!
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    Cryptocurrency Investment

    Probably what I will do is to stick investing in bitcoim in a long term run, considering that I will buy bitcoin in diversified time frame. Most of the investors lost profit because they want to buy the dip and sell the ath, which in fact will not be always possible because they can't always...
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    Blockchain Applicature - Black Friday Special! Your Blockchain Adoption Advisory

    Applicature is offering a $0 dollar payment for consulting, startup advisory, fundraising, Discovery session call, Q%A call with their recommendation, and documents containing description of possible solutions to your blockchain problems, relative cons and pros, and lastly, definition of the...
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    Futuristic Innovation: Drone Killer

    It could be possible, in fact, drone killers are already invented see here: With technological innovation, it should be accompanied by the innovation of regulation to strictly monitor these kind of technology mainly created to hard some one. But in...
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    Welcome to Emerging Techonology! We're also glad to have you here Sheaila! should you have any questions or Inquiries, don't hesistate to reach us.
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    Greetings to Everyone

    Welcome! I'm glad you're here @Polar91. I'm so excited for what we can share to the community. Here at Emerging Technology, we're bringing Technology into life. Please make sure to ask questions if you have, you can contact me, or the rest of the team to help you up. :)
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    Newbie Here

    Hello Black_Sword, Welcome to Emerging Technology! I'm glad that you're here, and I am happy that you are now part of our growing community! if you have some concerns, feel free to contact us! :)
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    Is it possible to create your own AI assistant?

    Basically, the answer to this is yes and it is quite simple and easy. Before, we had a project to build a chat bot and using few algorithms to teach the chat bot is quite easy. We could also apply different API for the chat bot to have more features other than talking and speaking what you've...
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    Newly Invited

    Hi! I'm glad that you've accepted my invitation! Here at Emerging Technolgy, we are bring technology to life. I hope you learn allot here - should you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact me, and the rest of the team to help you out :)
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    Blockchain Neowin - The Complete Blockchain & Ethereum Programmer Bundle $29

    Neowin is proviing 98% off, for their blockchain Development and Ethereum Programmer Bundle. It provides clear understanding of how to create blockchain applications using Hyperledger Composer. It consists of 10 Courses and 812 Lessons that will equip you with understanding and construction of...