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    How do you make money with Crypto &/or Blockchain?

    I'm interested to know the many ingenious ways people are making a profit with cryptocurrency and blockchain, whether it is directly or indirectly? Me, I write copy for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and companies on occasion. As well as trading as a hobby for some extra income, but not...
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    Bitcoiners be like...

    Love it! ...I think at least 90% of us crypto enthusiasts are somewhat guilty of this. Sure Bitcoin and blockchain's tech is revolutionary, but would we be so interested if there wasn't a distinct and rare opportunity to benefit financially from its conception??? hmmm, for me? no.
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    Everything You Need to Know About Facebook's Upcoming Cryptocurrency

    I personally feel it's incredibly worrying that Facebook will control what will quite likely surpass Bitcoin be the most widely adopted cryptocurrency by the mainstream when the highly intrusive, controlling and manipulative company already had so much power... here's a snippet from the full...
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    I have to defeat my coffee addiction

    What he said man 👆, coffee is life!
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    Which is the best STO protocol?

    With the way the blockchain industry is headed, which of these top ranked security token issuers do you believe is best? Why? Swarm's (SRC-20 protocol) Polymath's (ST-20 protocol Harbor (R-token standard) Securitize (DS protocol) Tokeny (T-REX protocol) I've mainly been looking into Swarm and...
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    What are the best bounties and airdrops out there right now?

    Natmin is running a Telegram and Twitter Bounty giving away of $3000 eq. NAT each week - from now until the end of their token sale 31st December 2018 (NYE). Also the Natmin ICO has uniquely participated in a number of strategic token swaps (i.e 1:1) and is running a co-sale with Contractium...