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  • I love knowing that we're in a time in human history where Emerging Technologies are going to change life on Earth in a way that has never been experienced before, and while there are many challenges to overcome together, there is also a lot of hope that technology will unlock a new, higher form of human consciousness.

    The development of new technology has been an inherent part of the human condition for as long as we've been recording history, but in recent history we have endured a trade-off between technological advancement and the well being of the world.

    Pre-Emergent Technologies such as electricity, the combustion engine and social media have all given humanity many benefits which have been essential for us to be able to get to this point, while also stripping the planet and our society of important nutrients, progressively knocking the world out of balance.

    Our true excitement for Emerging Technology is that these technologies may be used in our lifetimes to correct some of the damage which has been done to our planet over the last century, and over the last couple of decades to our social structures, and that a new, transitional meaning of "life" may be achieved for the first time.

    I would invite anyone from any part of the part that has a passion for these new technologies to come and enrich our community, and let it also enrich your future as well.
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