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    Drone's Business

    I know that if you can use drones to create high quality video footage that you can sell that for quite a bit. It takes a lot of footage to make money though, but somewhere like India there might be a lot of places where you could video in order to get valuable footage. Then it can be listed...
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    Drone's Business

    I think from the little I know about drones that there seems to be a lot of good opportunities in that area. What kind of business are you thinking of setting up? A drones sales business or would you be interested in other ways to make money with drones too?
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    Great Insight about the Future Impact of AI on Small Businesses
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    AI Development Company

    I couldn't agree with you more. Most people align the word "AI" with "robotics", but don't imagine that the real AI work happening today is 100% software based. Also agree that a lot of the reason that AI is even included into products is to generate buzz.. that won't last for much longer as...
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    hallo semua.. numpang kenal disini

    Hi @aloex80 and welcome! Let me or the rest of the team know if there's anything we can help you with
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    I'm in the Crypto Full Moon Party for February

    Good luck @shinra!
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    Hi @micosevan and welcome to the Emerging Technology community, as well as the Crypto Full Moon Party!
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    I'm in the Crypto Full Moon Party for February

    All the best for the competition @Razeliebabe!
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    "I'm in the Crypto Full Moon Party for February!"

    Good luck in the Crypto Full Moon Party!
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    Win $100 at the Crypto Full Moon Party in February

    Welcome to Emerging Technology and to the Crypto Full Moon Party Johanes, good luck!
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    Drones Skye Mini Drone - An Affordable Selfie Drone with 50% Off!

    If you click on the link it looks like it checks whether there are discounts still available, and applies it in the checkout. Whether there are unlimited discounts and this is just a way to increase sales, I can't say. But for me at least, I was just able to go through to their checkout and...
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    Introducing Myself

    Awesome it's great to have you onboard. Feel free to add your copywriting services to our crypto and blockchain marketplaces also:
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    Introducing Myself

    Hey @ankarlie! Welcome to Emerging Technology.. it's great having someone working in the industry as a writer here, how long have you been doing it for?
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    Bitcoin to $ 9,000?

    The way it's looking now is strong to be honest, and feels more like it will push through $10k than touch it and drop. Have been watching Presearch recent, 3x in the last week and I think there's further upside for it as well.
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    Bitcoin to $ 9,000?

    Since Saturday until now there has been a dramatic push upwards in the price which I think is highly unexpected and may be driven by the China virus crisis which has negatively impacted global traditional markets and so possibly a lot of money has been moved out of stocks and forex and into...