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  1. Quantum

    How Can I Earn TECH?

    We’re in the process of working on the TECH token reward system right now, and once it’s complete we’ll be sending out an announcement to all members with details of how to use TECH. When TECH is fully operational you’ll see new tokens added to the wallet in the top right hand corner (coins...
  2. Quantum

    Bitcoin to $ 9,000?

    @spodermen you think we’re hitting $8k or $10k first if you had to choose?
  3. Quantum

    Best Cryptocurrency for this year 2020!

    I like Stellar, Ethereum and Nexo.. but I think a token like BAT will also outperform in the next bull run too.
  4. Quantum

    Cryptocurrency Investment

    Yeah the start of ICOs was throwing money at almost anything and making 2x minimum then it flipped on a lot of investors and 90% started losing. The people I knew who continued to make a lot were the people who gave themself an edge.. buying at ICOs privately for sometimes 0.01 - 0.1 of the...
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    Hey @isak442 and welcome to Emerging Technology and the Crypto Full Moon Party!
  6. Quantum

    How Can I Earn TECH?

    No problem.. if you go to your name in the top right hand corner, then click on "your referrals"
  7. Quantum

    I'm new here

    There's about 15 minutes where you can edit posts and then after that they are locked. I edited the word above for you ;)
  8. Quantum

    How Can I Earn TECH?

    Yeah absolutely, sharing referral links and having new users sign up is one way that TECH will be able to be earned. The other ways are creating valuable content that will help others to learn, and working with our team to keep everything running.
  9. Quantum

    I'm new here

    Hey welcome! We're in the process of finalising the design of our token, TECH, which will provide a number of ways to generate income in our community. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks, and let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.
  10. Quantum


    Welcome @Uzordinma 1, I also agree that the future of money globally is cryptocurrency! We're going to be launching our crypto token soon, and when we do there will be many ways to earn the token and spend it here and on other platforms as well. Hope you become an active member here.
  11. Quantum

    Developing Forums

    Thanks for a great suggestion @endlasuresh, and as well as my thoughts this is also a great question for any other staff and even for anyone else using the forum. Emerging Technology is already very different to other communities, even at this early stage, and it's my goal to make it even more...
  12. Quantum

    Hello all! I'm new user here

    Hi Paul, good to meet you and welcome to Emerging Technology!
  13. Quantum

    AI is now doing better at predicting mortality than human doctors!

    I agree and there's still a long transitionary period where AIs will still need human contributions to complete many tasks fully, but I think that what will be the defining factor will be when more software infrastructure is built that will manage most of the supporting requirements. For...
  14. Quantum

    New user here!

    Hey @EXE welcome to Emerging Technology!! Thanks for the kind words about the UI, we wanted to make a platform that is more modern and attractive to use that other out there. Definitely looking forward to hearing what you have to say about cryptocurrency, let us know if there's any way we...
  15. Quantum

    Bitcoin to $ 9,000?

    Back down to about $8,600 right now. Predictions are normally never accurate, but my feelings from the long term charts is that we're still in a downward trend what will finish around the middle of this year at its bottom. After hitting a bottom in about July, then will begin the next bull run...
  16. Quantum

    Who's learning Python?

    Yeah I get what you mean, and when you learn one style other styles will always feel strange. I learnt Python first and so declaring the variable type before each one feels weird for me. To be honest I think that Python is probably the easiest language for building crypto bots, but that C++...
  17. Quantum

    Bitcoin to $ 9,000?

    That's certainly true @Psalmrngg - if you had to choose between us being in an uptrend or downtrend now which would you think?
  18. Quantum

    Introduce yourself

    Hey @Ded_Com28, welcome and thanks for the kind words about the site. We're working hard to make this exactly what you said - an academy for people to come and share knowledge about crypto/blockchain, and also other new technologies. Any questions you have we would be happy to answer!
  19. Quantum

    Futuristic Innovation: Drone Killer

    A big question is whether we would have any kind of real defence against such drones when they come into use. Even now you can see that some humanoid robots from Boston Dynamics are incredibly advanced compared to older models from even 10 years ago. Robots used for war/security/combat will be...
  20. Quantum

    Hello all! I'm new user here

    Welcome @cryptovic! If you'd like to learn about Bitcoin you can check out our guide here as a good starting place: