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  1. endlasuresh

    Drone's Business

    I would go with a workshop if required, but the best and easiest is videos or photos footage. Here some people are already in such things, but they never mentioned for making money from footages.
  2. endlasuresh

    Drone's Business

    Dron'e buying and selling would be harder since our government made bad policies for business. I think you are going to say about programming a drone would be excellent. let me know what are the other methods we can make money?
  3. endlasuresh

    Drone's Business

    I am looking to start Drone's business and wanna want to sell offline here. I had some experience or will hire someone when the business goes big. I have only small investment to run the business, but does the Drones can bring you any profit? Currently the Corona Virus had killed every business...
  4. endlasuresh

    Bitcoin to $ 9,000?

    It is now more stronger compared to the November month. I would say hold the Bitcoin until it reaches $12k. So many had predicted this year will be a huge demand for Crypto. I am seeing Litecoin had reached some higher level, and I missed in this coin too.
  5. endlasuresh

    Crypto's impact on your life

    Well when you have a job or some other business then really it makes you mess. Here comes the only way to change our life i buy Crypto at lowest price and sell it when the price moves up.
  6. endlasuresh

    Crypto's impact on your life

    I don't have much money to invest so it didn't impacted me anything because not invested much funds in them. The only I am addicting because of the price growth in coins, but don't have money for investing in them. It really changes anyone life when they will invest in correct time else have to...
  7. endlasuresh

    Developing Forums

    I was addicted to see this site as how they started to make money using Drones I am still waiting for the implemntation of tech token, so this can move ahead in the world.
  8. endlasuresh

    Bitcoin to $ 9,000?

    @spodermen Currently the price is around $9.3k so it will hit to $10k soon, but you are thinking it may fall down.I have seen on other forums where they bought Bitcoin at the price of $15k and above so they are still holding to make profit. I am hoping everyone would make profit in this year...
  9. endlasuresh

    Developing Forums

    It's good to hear that you will develop it, but still I see the forum is too much inactive anyway we have to move forward with those who were active. I would suggest implement the Tech token right away and buy those tokens within this forum so member would have cash from you until it iwll be...
  10. endlasuresh

    Developing Forums

    We need to make this forums into big, however it requires a lot of time, money and passion from everyone. I want to hear from you all how this forum can move into best place and not defeating any forums, I mean just to get some good alexa rank and traffic, active forums. This forums had some...
  11. endlasuresh

    Bitcoin to $ 9,000?

    Have you checked yesterday stats? did BTC moved more than 9k? I am seeing currently it is back to $8.6k around, but this will move forward soon as per my knowledge.
  12. endlasuresh

    Bitcoin to $ 9,000?

    Presently it is now at 9k, but soon we see it above 10k. I was holding a little in Bitcoin and ETH, but that doesn't make me rich or profits. In this year it looks like the bull run happens.
  13. endlasuresh

    What's the difference between blockchain developers and blockchain engineers?

    Blockchain engineers are the top paid roles in software development, the focused with artificial intelligence. Both blockchain developers and engineers come under same role, but with small difference. It is the same process like Software developer and software engineer.
  14. endlasuresh

    What impact on the traditional financial system will blockchain have in the next 10 years?

    Most of the Traditional financial systems already entering into the digital mode of payment that accepted worldwide. This new traditional financial system can make a huge loss to banking sectors for not having exchange foreign funds if accepted worldwide. Currently some of the countries making...
  15. endlasuresh

    Is blockchain the adequate technology to reshape the economy?

    Blockchain Technology mainly created for the decentralized system for economy where privacy is more important to store data or funds. New blockchain technologies are re shaping to the latest from current centralized economy to decentralized economy.
  16. endlasuresh

    Are blockchains suited to healthcare environments? Why/why not?

    Blockchain latest technology is really helpful in organizing patients data through secure without error proof. In these days Blockchain is helping in so many ways for healthcare, such as for Doctors, Pharmacists, Clinical researchers, Healthcare providers to get secured data, faster and in...
  17. endlasuresh

    How can you become a blockchain developer?

    The process of Blockchain Developer mainly depends upon Object oriented programming language that you need to learn and from their onwards you have to learn Python, C# and some other programs for a better developer. A six months can suitable for you in Blockchain developer after C++.
  18. endlasuresh

    How does blockchain technology work?

    The blockchain works as a record of transaction that represent a financial ledger entries in the structure. The majority of nodes are approved by each transaction that was written in a block. These all blocks refer to the earlier block by joining together just like a spreadsheet that is called...
  19. endlasuresh

    What are the tools of blockchain development?

    We have seeing everyday Blockchain development is growing with their tools and here are some of the tools that can benefit for you. Ethereum My Etherwallet Coinbase Api Tierion Ether.js Metamask
  20. endlasuresh

    Where is the blockchain stored?

    Blockchains are stored in PC's also known as nodes, within the system. The blockchain system is just like excel spreadsheet where every node have a copy of transaction done that updated frequently by users.