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    Great Insight about the Future Impact of AI on Small Businesses
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    Drones Skye Mini Drone - An Affordable Selfie Drone with 50% Off!

    The Skye Drone was designed by two former engineers from one of the largest brands of drones. They knew that the drones they were making were very expensive, heavy and hard to carry around, so they decided to design an ultra-compact drone without sacrificing the main features of drones. It's...
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    NVIDIA - The Way It's Meant to Be Played

    Nvidia is one of the world's leading tech hardware companies, and currently provides many of the most commonly used GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) in the fields of deep learning and AI more generally. A NEW WORLD OF AI COMPUTING The world of computing is experiencing an incredible change...
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    AI AI Hardware Summit 2020, Mountain View - 15% Off for a Team of 5!

    AI Hardware Summit, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA. 29 - 30 September, 2020 AIMS OF THE AI HARDWARE SUMMIT To assemble the critical mass of the global industry to promote innovation and adoption of silicon & systems for processing deep learning, neural networks & computer vision...
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    Blockchain Blockchain Council - 15% Off All Instructor-Led Training

    Blockchain Council is providing a 15% discount on all instructor-led training right now with the coupon code "ILT15". The Blockchain Council is an authoritative group of experts and enthusiasts who are evangelizing the Blockchain Research , Development, Use Cases , Products and Knowledge for...
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    Unity Technologies - Unity for All

    Unity Technologies is a San Francisco-based 3D development company that partnered with many car manufacturers by providing them with VR prototyping, as well as partnering with Pixar and Magnopus to create Coco VR - one of the first moves by a mainstream movie maker to produce VR films. Unity...
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    Which crypto do you think will perform well in 2020 and why?

    If I had to choose one crypto that looks good I think it would either be Ethereum for safety, or Nexo if I wanted to take a bit more of a risk. Which ones are standing out to you so far this year??
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    Connect with Any of Our 3 Moderators for Anything You Need

    Over the last weeks the community has started to grow and gain some healthy activity, and as a part of this we've recruited a few tech enthusiasts who are passionate emerging technologies and ready to help out if you need advice about the forum. For Cryptocurrencies we have @Yatsan and our...
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    Just joined the Crypto Networking Group Telegram Channel and posted the Giveaway details there.

    The Crypto Networking Group seems like a solid resource for anyone looking for crypto Telegram channels that can provide additional ways to gain exposure and connect with crypto enthusiasts. I've just posted details of our Crypto Full Moon Party there and would...
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    Red Pill or Blue Pill?

    Should you take the red pill or the blue pill?
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    Kraken's Method to Reduce Crypto Tax: Crypto Tax Loss Harvesting

    Here's a word-for-word copy of an email I received from Kraken that outlines how to legally reduce the amount of crypto tax that needs to be paid. This isn't any kind of legal advice from them or me, but is food for thought for anyone that is looking at having to pay a big bill next year...
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    GIPHY added to Emerging Technology.. Stop the Presses!

    What self-respecting online community would be complete without some GIFs?!? Pronounced "GIFs" or "JIFs".. who cares! We've just finished up integrating GIPHY, the world's leading GIF interface with the forum and now adding GIFs into threads and comments is super insanely simple. How to add...
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    Crypto Hey hey Christmas coupons here

    Hey hey Christmas coupons here! 🎅🎅🎅
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    VR/AR DESIGN STUDIO FROM SPAIN IS HIRING! They are looking for a programmer/developer with experience in developing AR apps. Candidate must be proactive and dynamic. This is for a one time project but looking to work with this person in future collaborations. You do not need to be in Toledo...
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    What is the meaning of life?

    Are we just a collective biological organism that has been genetically programmed to innovate over time to be destined to be essentially just a vessel for advanced artificial intelligence to be born from? Is this all most certainly a simulation as Elon Musk is well known for saying, and what...
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    Is the Illuminati Real?

    Did Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian occult organisation survive the Friday 13th purge only for those remnants to be driven underground, gathering power and influence, to eventually achieve their original goal to take over rap and hip hop?
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    Is Blockchain all just hype?

    Is blockchain just hype or is there something about this technology that makes it special?
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    Will AI Enslave Humanity?

    Is AI going to be saviour of humanity, its downfall, or somewhere in between? Will only the richest people be able to take full advantage of the power of AI in the future?
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    How Can I Contact Admin?

    If you'd like to reach out to us to ask a question or you have a proposal for us, you can easily get in touch using this Contact Form. If you've got ideas for how the community could be improved or you think something needs to go, drop a new post into the Suggestion Box.