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  1. Mcdonalds

    Where is the blockchain stored?

    Blockchain is stored in our computers and these are called nodes.
  2. Mcdonalds

    How do you trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

    You could actually start trading with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin by signing up and creating an account is some trading platforms like ETORO. But before you start trading with cryptocurrencies you should learn and understand how every trading tools work, the market charts, and how to buy and...
  3. Mcdonalds

    Hi! I'm new here!

    Thank you for welcoming me here :D
  4. Mcdonalds

    Can I buy and house or a car with Bitcoin, and in the future will this be popular?

    Yes. You can actually buy a car or house with your bitcoin. Actually, a lot of people who are rich with bitcoins have already house and car, but they don't use their bitcoins as their payment method because not everyone can accept bitcoin as a payment, that is why people need to convert their...
  5. Mcdonalds

    Hi! I'm new here!

    Hi guys! Im new here in this forum because my friend invited me to join and participate in this forum to share my own ideas and also learn yours too about blockchain and crypto.