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  1. Ataraxia Celeste

    Uniswap, IEO , Lockdrop , Incentivized testnets and more

    As you all know the bull markets have officially begun. This is just the beginning of what is going to be the most epic bull run of all times. I expect a full fledged bull market by 2021. Let us look at the current trends in the market I am not going to be doing TA here or doing a technical...
  2. Ataraxia Celeste

    Can Blockchain Improve Medical Industry?

    Concordium Blockchain can sure restore privacy in the medical world. It can also facilitate seemless patient data management with it's ID feature and help expediate emergency care without putting any patient data at risk.
  3. Ataraxia Celeste

    Calm before the Storm? Which project will be a true winner?

    As the industry matures and more institutional money pours in we are seeing many old projects and many new projects emerge winners from a market perspective.How much of it is actually fueled by actual utility? Or is it mere market speculation? I see many new projects that are innovating...
  4. Ataraxia Celeste

    Regulation is coming! Public blockchains and crypto needs to prepare?

    What are your thoughts on the need for regulation in the cryptocurrency industry? As the industry matures, I think it would make sense to go the regulatory route rather than to fight the "existing system"? I think Concordium clearly understands the need for Privacy. I like how this project...
  5. Ataraxia Celeste

    Accelerate realization with Enterprise Grade Blockchain Solutions

    Concordium's easy to deploy smart contracts, sophisticated interoperability, fast finality and transaction throughput make it suitable to build enterprises and business on.
  6. Ataraxia Celeste

    Is Blockchain all just hype?

    I think we need regulatory compliance for Governments to take the industry more seriously. I think Blockchainslike Concordium will help achieve this in a seamless manner.
  7. Ataraxia Celeste

    New approach, "Optimistic Responsiveness" in Blockchains.

    Existing Nakamoto-style blockchains (NSBs) rely on some sort of synchrony assumption to offer any type of safety guarantees. A basic requirement is that when a party produces a new block, then all previously produced blocks should be known to that party, as otherwise the new block might not...
  8. Ataraxia Celeste

    Chinese Insurance Firms are using Blockchain for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Claims

    I wont be surprised if Blockchains start integrating identity layers at a protocol level. Concordium for example is doing this and wants to be fully compliant with regulations as well at a protocol layer. Doing this would surely attract business' to harness the true power of Blockchain along...
  9. Ataraxia Celeste

    Obtained Guarantees from Finality Layer?

    Some of the Obtained guarantees of Concordium as proven by Dinsdale-Young et al. [DMMNT19], we obtain the following guarantees from Concordium's finality layer: • Chain-Forming: that finalized blocks form a chain; • Agreement: that all parties agree on the finalized blocks; • Updated: that...
  10. Ataraxia Celeste

    Podcast on the Travel Rule , Regulations and VASP. Notabene and Concordium

    If you are interested in regulatory issues and how regulations work, this will add a lot of value to you. Pelle Braendgaard and Andres Junge, co-founders of Notabene, a service for crypto companies to comply with the regulations of the "Travel Rule" are pioneers in cryptocurrencies in their...
  11. Ataraxia Celeste

    Regulation the way way forward? Former Denmark PM and Concordium

    Anders Fogh Rasmussen has been at the center of global and European politics, as the former Prime Minister of Denmark, Danish Minister of Economic Affairs and NATO Secretary General. When Denmark held the Presidency of the European Union he concluded 10 candidate negotiations for accession to EU...
  12. Ataraxia Celeste

    Time lock puzzles (TLPs) and timing-based cryptographic primitives

    Bernardo David, presented the first composable treatment of timing-based cryptographic primitives, defining and UC-realizing ideal functionalities for time lock puzzles (TLPs). Check out his papers here: and Not surprised bright...
  13. Ataraxia Celeste

    Signalling in Intershards

    Sharding not only helps overcome scalability issues. Intershard signaling allows transactions between shards and communication of smart contracts on different shards. Concordium's sharding protocol for this operates as follows : When a block finalizes on a shard, it contains a list of outgoing...
  14. Ataraxia Celeste

    Power of Private Sharding

    The main goal of sharding is to overcome scalability issues. Without sharding, every node in the network has to process all transactions and execute all smart contracts. The basic idea of sharding is to parallelize execution by dividing the network into smaller components or shards. Nodes...
  15. Ataraxia Celeste

    Two layer Approach for better finality?

    What do you guys think about Concordium's two-layer approach? Concordium’s finality layer can be added on top of Nakamoto-style consensus (NSC) blockchains as systems where parties participate in a form of lottery to win the right to append blocks to the chain. The probability that a certain...
  16. Ataraxia Celeste

    Have to get started with Concordium's ongoing Testnet 2?

    I have been following Concordium for over a month now. Early this month they released their Testnet 2. Concordium claims and even proves to be the next-generation blockchain for enterprises and the first with user ID verification built-in at the protocol level, has released its Public Testnet 2...
  17. Ataraxia Celeste

    Why I like the research first approach adopted by Concordium?

    Concordium is currently working to build the world’s leading "science" based open-source, permissionless, and decentralized blockchain with built-in user identity at the protocol level. Concordium supports regulatory compliance, allowing businesses to harness the power of blockchain technology...
  18. Ataraxia Celeste

    Maturation of Blockchain and crypto industry, preparing for the next big move

    There has been a lot going in the blockchain world currently. From an Innovation perspective I think we are still way ahead of other technologies in the world of finance, I think blockchain and its applications in cryptocurrency technology is now very clear and defined. I still think that it is...
  19. Ataraxia Celeste

    Fuelling business applications using 2 new languages ( Midlang & Retlang ) for smart contracts

    To err is human to forgive is nobody goes the saying in the blockchain world. Sometimes, business' wish they could say the same about the smart contracts created. Some reports estimate that 25% of all smart contracts contain critical bugs, 60% of all projects Hasho ( a security audit firm ) had...