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    Service White Label Fantasy Football Software

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    Exclusive Traders Guide: 7 Types Of Orders In Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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    Largest Bitcoin Mining Farm in Iran Receives License

    Iran may be having major problems with the coronavirus pandemic, but the cryptocurrency market continues developing despite everything. Recently a Turkish cryptocurrency mining company, iMiner, received a license to operate legally within the Iranian jurisdiction. The license in question was...
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    Service Best cryptocurrency exchange development services

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    Service Best cryptocurrency exchange development services

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    Elon Musk endorses Bitcoin

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    South Africa to Push Crypto Regulations

    South Africa has become yet another country to adopt legislation regulating the increasingly popular cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin may not have been very impressive lately, but it turns out that 10.7% of South African internet users have invested in the cryptocurrency in some way, which drew...
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    Service Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

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    Financial Alliance Strives for Payment Efficiency Throughout the EU

    Likely pushed by the ongoing pandemic, as of this week four major European payment processors - Ingenico Group, Nets, Nexi, and Worldline – started collaborating and are launching he European Digital Payments Industry Alliance (EDPIA) advocacy. EDPIA will deal with the policy discussion on the...
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    Service How to develop a bitcoin wallet app?

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    Service Create your own cryptocurrency wallet in Just 7 days

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    Service How to start a fantasy sports business?

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    Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Development | All you need to know

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    Why Starting a Crypto Exchange is still a demanding business in 2021

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    Singapore: Registration Relief on Crypto Exchange Firms Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

    Considering the health crisis the Singaporean regulatory body Singapore’s Monetary Authority (MAS) has issued a a conditional registration relief for some cryptocurrency exchanges, which allows them to operate without a license. This is a similar act as the FCA decision to request all ts listed...
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    Service Develop a Fantasy Sports App like Fanduel

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