Service 5 things you must know when you launch an STO?


Sep 26, 2019
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The crypto asset plays an enormous opportunity for every startup and entrepreneur who are entering into the crypto world. Before we learn about STO, you need to know a new concept called Security token. The utility token is used to access some of the financial services. But the upgraded concept security token represents the ownership of the particular asset. This is the major difference between utility and security token. In ICO, there are no legal regulations for listing their tokens anyone can list their token. But, When comes to the STO, you need to follow some legal regulation. If you want to list your token, you need to pass the Howey test the rule established by the U.S Supreme court.

There are several benefits when you are using security token offering, they are,

  • Increasing Liquidity
  • Fractionalize the Ownership
  • Capital reduction
  • Improved digital-asset
  • Highly reliability

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