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Apr 19, 2019
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The company's team created a unique algorithm that uses improved risk-free strategies. A new forecasting method has been developed. Created self-learning neural network precisely determines the direction of the market and increases the profitability of the fund. The fund adds marginal algorithmic trading in the “Non Stop” mode - the direction and volume of the funds used are determined automatically and constantly changing depending on the market movement.


Follow all the rates in real time:

Create a bot that will do all the work for you.

This bot you will be recommended by your non-tech friends, and you will end up using it yourself. ScanBot is a bot that trades on your behalf.

ScanBot represents itself a complicated system that uses modern artificial intelligence (AI) functionality for the precise forecasts of the trend changes at the cryptocurrencies markets.

The platform is based on the hybrid multi-level structure of the neuron networks with the functions necessary for the successful trading at the cryptocurrency stock exchanges. It’s a unique form of the artificial intelligence.

ScanBot is completely automated and works with the most reliable large crypto stock exchange using the best strategy for generating income. Each active bot works with the specially chosen cryptocurrencies portfolio through the API interface of the crypto stock exchanges.

New generation of the automated trading bots based on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analysis of the Big Data appeared in the cryptocurrencies market after the bots that worked with the algorithms of the technical analysis. They help to manage investments with a higher quality.

Before trading bots with the strategies at the chosen stock exchange and cryptocurrencies pair, use the option Backtest in order to make sure that the strategy gives good income results on the historical data. If the Backtest result is not satisfactory try to change the candle size or strategy settings.

Check your everyday profit

For now the bot works with 2 major exchanges: Binance and Huobi.
The advanced API makes the connection to these exchange easy for everyone.
In the future BitSonar plans to add more exchanges, follow our news.

If you don’t want to spend hours checking rates, choose your plan and Bitsonar team will do all the work for you

You can get up to 3 investment plans at once:

Build your referral network to make even more money

You can promote your referral (partnership) link in any convenient way. It can be a short post in the social media, video, article in blogs or a short review with the link to the website with the unique identifier. It’s up to you and your imagination.

We have a progressive three-level partnership program:

1st level 10%
2nd level 5%
3rd level 2%

Let’s put a simple example. You invited 1 client and 1 partner. This partner invited 2 clients and 2 partners more. The partners from the next level invited 3 clients more (the third level). For each deposit to the service made by the clients of the first level, you will be accrued 10% of the total amount, 5% for the second level and 2% for the third level. Therefore, the multi-level partnership program allows to get earnings from all the structure created by your partners.

Get payments every week*

*for now payments only in USD, Bitcoin and Ethereum will be added later

All the financial means are protected on our accounts at the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies stock exchanges and “cold wallets” in the well secured banking storages.

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the currency:

Bitcoin 0,005 BTC
Ethereum 0,01 ETH
Zcash 0,03 ZEC
BitcoinCash 0,01 BCH
Dash 0,02 DASH
Ripple 10 XRP
Litecoin 0,04 LTC
Advanced Cash USD 10 $
Advanced Cash EUR 105 €
Advanced Cash RUR 700 RUR
Perfect Money USD 10 $
Perfect Money EUR 105 €
NixMoney USD 10 $
Payeer USD 10 $

The maximum withdrawal amount is unlimited.

The BitSonar team keeps on working on making your personal dashboard even more convenient. We will add new features that will make investing even easier. Follow our news to be the first to know!

For your convenience, we prepared a video instruction on how to use the personal dashboard:

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