Calm before the Storm? Which project will be a true winner?

Ataraxia Celeste

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Jul 8, 2020
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Digital Incognito
As the industry matures and more institutional money pours in we are seeing many old projects and many new projects emerge winners from a market perspective.How much of it is actually fueled by actual utility? Or is it mere market speculation?

I see many new projects that are innovating. Science Backed Blockchain Concordium plans to release GTU ( Global Transaction Unit ). The Graph plans to release its own Graph Tokens. Many Web 3 projects are releasing their own tokens that will utilize substrate. Near Protocol , Skale and so many new projects.

Post Defi Wave lots of profits have been made, where will that new money flow into? Will it lead to the new wave of Bull run as more new projects which are heavily researched and have working products take over the blockchain markets by storm?

Looks like history will repeat again. New all time highs will be made. Disbelief rally will bring a new meaning to euphoria. Are you ready?

Most important think I notice with most of these new generation projects are they have been working on a working product for years before raising an token sale, this is contrary to the ICO boom of 2017.

Which is the project you think will be a true winner?