Data Recovery Software Market

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Oct 16, 2020
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A data recovery software helps in retrieving the deleted, corrupted or inaccessible data from a stored device. The software is mostly used by IT professionals to recover the data from physical storage devices and cloud storage, by referring and accessing the file structures. The global data recovery market is presumed to garner USD 13 billion during the forecast period (2017-2023). The market is considered to expand at 12 % CAGR owing to the high dependency on cloud storage services.

The data loss can be due to logical failure or physical failure. In the case of logical failure, the files cannot be accessed even though they are visible in disk manager. This type of data can be recovered easily by restoring the device functions. Whereas, in the case of physical failure, the storage device gets damaged permanently, in which only the data can be restored through data replication.

Organizations highly depend on cloud storage systems which are influencing the global data recovery software market positively. With the increasing adoption of storage devices and computers among the enterprises and household are further driving the market at a rapid pace. Additionally, technological advancements are considered to stimulate the global data recovery software market during the assessment period. Data recovery software recovers corrupted and lost data in no time. The process is efficient and quick, which further triggers the demand for data recovery software market.Read more
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