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Mar 23, 2019
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Amid this covid pandemic, not many businesses have yielded profits except the Blockchain space. Blockchain technology is an uprising technology that leverages many sectors to the next phase. One of the major applications of Blockchain technology is cryptography. That is nothing but the crypto space that we today celebrate.

A crypto exchange platform is a software/website that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies. For instances, binance and coinbase are popular crypto exchange platforms. Many startups and entrepreneurs are pretty much interested in developing a crypto exchange platform amid the covid pandemic. As cryptocurrencies are digital assets, pandemic does not affect them directly. Although, it was a little shaky when the covid invaded globally. Only a few businesses in the digital space were able to make it through the pandemic. Crypto exchanges played a vital role.

So, let us not waste time and get to know how to start a crypto exchange business?

1. The first step is to pick the right type of crypto exchange you want to develop.

  • Centralized exchange
  • Decentralized exchange
  • Hybrid exchange
  • Ads based exchange
  • Peer to peer exchange
  • User to admin exchange
  • Orders book exchange
2. Once done picking up the type of exchange, work on the factors below

> Do Market Research
> Check out the Jurisdictions
> The location that you are planning to Launch
> Design the Architecture of your Bitcoin exchange website
> Choose the way to create a Bitcoin exchange website

> Hire the Best bitcoin exchange software development company
> Deployment
> Customer support Channel

The better option would be opting for white label crypto exchange software If you want to deploy your crypto exchange platform in a short span.

It is a preprogrammed software that helps you customize and deploy the trading platform in less than ten days. Compared to scripts, they possess highly secured features and advanced trading options. Get the bitcoin exchange software from Zab technologies. Being a leading crypto exchange development company, they have developed various crypto exchange platforms for clients globally.

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Jul 9, 2020
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Madurai, India
How to start a bitcoin exchange platform?

It’s a basic question for all entrepreneurs or business people, who are willing to start a crypto exchange business. First, you need a proper plan and coherent roadmap to create a scalable and reliable bitcoin exchange platform. Here is the road map check it below.

  • Choose the location to launch your crypto exchange business
  • Do some industrial market research (Related to Cryptocurrency & Cryptocurrency exchange)
  • Hiring a legal team of counselors
  • Get the proper licenses from the targeted location
  • Determine the type of crypto exchange that you want to launch
  • Make sure you have the required funds
  • Providing expectations of crypto traders
  • Get the best cryptocurrency exchange software, from a trusted provider
  • Decide the supreme features to integrate into your crypto exchange
  • Connect your platform with other popular exchange for high liquidity
  • Combine with payment gateway
  • Implement bug-free & high security for our exchange platform
  • Start marketing & PR campaign
  • Offer 24*7 customer support
I hope this roadmap gives an outline for your crypto exchange business. If you want to know more detail, check this blog >>> How to start a bitcoin exchange business