Global Pressure Sensors Market

komal boudhh

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Oct 16, 2020
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A pressure sensor is used for pressure measurement of gases or liquids. The sensors make use of IC fabrication technology made on silicon wafers, which helps in monitoring and controlling the pressure of gases and liquids. These sensors are capable of measuring different types of pressures such as vacuum, absolute, gauge, and differential pressure.

The increasing demand from automotive and medical industries and rising adoption of pressure sensors in consumer electronics are the primary factors driving the market growth. The rising adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) is fueling the market growth. However, the intense pricing pressure is hampering the market growth.

Use of high accuracy pressure engines in automobiles for altitude correction when driving at high altitudes has led to a surge in the market. Moreover, favorable government regulations such as the TREAD Act of the US defining the use of pressure sensors in tire monitoring systems is propelling market growth. Growth in the application opportunity in the medical industry has led the market to accrue larger benefits over the conjecture period. Various devices integrated with pressure sensors include respiration & sleep apnea, as well as equipment used for the measurement of ventilators and monitoring of blood pressure.