Hololens 2 and AR/MR Innovation


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Mar 12, 2019
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Call it whatever you want - "augmented", "mixed" - at the end of the day, it serves the same purpose. Being able to experience the real world with the limitless capabilities of a virtual layer are additions to society that will reshape how the future will look and advance.

The Hololens 2 by Microsoft aims to be the next evolution in technology's effect on humanity and its opportunities to evolve past our biological capabilities. With the ability to interact "person to person" with someone who is halfway across the world and interact on a personal level with the likes we've never seen before, Hololens aims to be next in line following technological revolutions like the mouse, computer, internet, social media, and many other software solutions and devices that we've grown accustomed to and don't think twice about.

Here is a very informative video of what Hololens 2 has to offer today - imagine the capabilities available to the average consumer when it comes to retail at affordable prices near 2022!

Questions for the readers:
  1. What kind of capabilities not listed/shown in the video do you believe will become prominent when such a device is available to your average consumer (think about today's smartphones)?
  2. Do you think this will be another "Google Glass" type of situation, where the hardware/software is too ahead for the current world to become mainstream, or do you think this is something entirely different?
  3. Thinking far, far ahead - what do you think would be the next step after this? Contact lenses? Do you think the public would be comfortable with the idea of "inserting" such powerful technology into their eyes, potentially permanently? Is this a case of societal evolution and its ability to understand technological progress, or will there be a fine line established between technology and "this is my natural body, I don't want to be a cyborg"?
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