Important: How Can ETX be Spent?


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Jul 8, 2018
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* For more details on how to earn and use ETX, check out "The Workings and Tokenomics of ETX"

We are currently implementing various ways for users to spend ETX that include:

  • User Upgrades

  • ETX Bounties

  • ET Earn

  • The Marketplace

  • The Data Marketplace

  • Partner Discount Codes

User Upgrades

Account upgrades are available to Emerging Technology members that would like to access new features on the platform.

This includes becoming a Reviewer, becoming a Merchant, and becoming a Citizen, as as well as payments being available in fiat, there is also the option to pay for upgrades with ETX.

ETX Bounties

Junior Members and higher can create bounties in the “ETX Bounties” section of the community.

This is where they offer ETX in return for other members to complete tasks, with transactions being made between members.

ET Earn

ET Earn is an area of the community where users can complete tasks in order to earn BTC.

While accessing ET Earn is free for all users, upgrades can be paid for which increase the amount of BTC that a member can generate.


The marketplace allows users to create a kind of commercial listing, which may include employment positions, products and services for sale, and upcoming events.

Users are welcome to create listings that involve payment in ETX, and also payment for the listings that Merchants and Citizens create can be made in ETX also.

Data Marketplace

The data marketplace is a place where coders, data scientists and businesses and interact and trade data.

Like the marketplace, the fees paid for listing on the data marketplace can be made in ETX, but unlike the marketplace, all transactions on the data marketplace must be in ETX.

Partner Discount Codes

We will be partnering with a number of service providers in the areas of emerging technology in order to allow ETX owners to convert their tokens into discount codes that can be used on the platforms of our partners.

A section within the user account area displays all available discount codes and their price in ETX.

Ongoing Developments

While we currently have plans underway to build the features listed here, there are also many other opportunities which we have either not yet fully explored, or that we may not have even realised are potentially opportunities yet.

If you have any suggestions for ways that you would like to be able to spend ETX within the Emerging Technology ecosystem, feel free to contact us with your suggestions (rewards provided for novel ideas which we end up implementing).

This document is part of ongoing work, that will include the development of the systems mentioned here, as well as additions to and adaptations of this document in future revisions.
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