How to create your ERC20 Token?


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Dec 1, 2020
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ERC20 tokens are the first popular specification to offer Ethereum token standardization. This pulls many Entrepreneurs and this hype has been increasing day by day. Speaking of which, these tokens are developed to avoid hacks and breaking the contracts.

Fundraising is now occurring in a reliable and complex-less way these-days with the invention of ERC20 tokens. They are successful and attractive as they provide a single, standardized set of commands to cover a range of tokens they manage. One can raise funds within a short period of time with an efficient and reliable ERC20 token. But where to get such tokens?

i) You can create your ERC20 token using Solidity (Programming Language) and you can verify it by listing your tokens in "etherscan verification" - well, it is a complex process and it needs a lot of computational as well as programming skills to develop from scratch.

ii) Hiring a team Blockchain developers who are all well versed in Blockchain technology will help you to achieve your goals in a hassle-free way. That is a wise choice too.

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