How to Withdraw TECH to an Exchange


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Jul 8, 2018
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So by completing different tasks in the community, you can earn TECH directly from us which is automatically credited to your account by the system.

The amount of TECH shown in your account is a virtual representation of the amount of TECH you own on the Ethereum blockchain. Because there's a small cost every time a transfer of an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) token is made, it would cost use a lot to create thousands of ETH wallets and then make every TECH transfer with the tokens themselves.

So to get around this, the amount that you have shown in your account is a representation of TECH you own in our TECH contract address, which can be found here -> TECH Contract Address

Whenever you want to spend TECH or send it to another user in the forum, you're free to do so. And whenever you want to move your actually TECH tokens to another wallet outside of the community, all you have to do is send a request to us and we will process that.

Here's the process for withdrawing your TECH to another wallet:

1. See how much TECH you own by going to the very top right-hand corner and clicking on the icon of some coins.

2. If you have an ETH wallet address already, get that ready. Or if you don't have an ETH address yet, you can Create Your own ETH address.

3. Make sure you're signed into your Emerging.Technology account here, and then get in touch using the Contact Form.

4. In your message, the subject should be: "TECH Withdrawal Request: (put your username here)".

5. The message itself should be:

"ETH wallet address to withdraw to: (put your ETH wallet address here)
Amount to withdraw from my account: (put the amount you would like to withdraw)

6. Once we receive your message, we will send you a reply with an amount of ETH that you need to send to our contract wallet address in order for us to process your withdrawal on the Ethereum blockchain.

7. When our contract address has received your ETH payment, we will initiate the withdrawal to the wallet address you have provided.
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