ICO, IPO, STO & IEO - what is the future of fundraising?


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Feb 25, 2019
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These all are the fundraising method. And this question is very useful for the startup those who don’t have an idea about this.


ICO is a strategy for bringing assets up in an unregulated situation. For example; a start-up pitches a small amount of the cryptographic money tokens to the general population who have bolstered the venture in the primary stages

IPO - Initial Public Offering:

It is a sort of open offering where an offer of the business is offered to an institutional or retail financial specialist. The organization surrenders a piece of its organizations holding to the investors who at that point exchange it on the stock trade. A secretly held organization goes for an IPO and the procedure is called opening up to the world. They give a huge raising support chance to the organizations. IPOs are constantly required to list on the stock trades and before an organization opens up to the world, it needs to record an enlistment explanation with securities administration bodies.


Security token offering (STO) is a raising money tool like an ICO, yet with specific controls that consider the token guarantors responsible for their activities.
A security token is another monetary instrument that has developed essentially in light of two needs: more grounded control and the partition of theory from the utility. In less difficult terms, security tokens are cryptographic tokens that compensation profits, share benefits, pay the premium or put resources into different tokens or advantages for creating benefits for the token holders. This deals with liquidity issues.


The Initial Exchange Offering is another way to deal with crypto-banking that is gradually getting the enthusiasm of ICOs and merchants over the world. This new framework gives an alternate kind of trade where the trade goes about as centerman among activities and patrons.
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