Interesting Panel at European Blockchain Convention 2020.

Ataraxia Celeste

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Jul 8, 2020
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Digital Incognito
I am excited for the European Blockchain Convention that is scheduled to happen next month, in September. I am particularly interested in this conference because it mainly deals with Blockchain for Business. I think Business' are going to be key drivers of Blockchain to the masses.

Some interesting panel topics that caught my attention are :

Transforming digital identity into Self Sovereign Identity
Notabene and Concordium are two projects I am closely watching. I look forward to the talk by CEO of Concordium, Lone Fønss Schrøder and the CEO of Notabene Pelle Braendgaard. Concordium mainly because they are building regulatory compliant Blockchain for Business. Notabene has been vocal about Travel Rule. Regulation will surely be a key decision maker in adoption of crypto in 2021.

I also am interested in the following panels :

Where Do We Stand on Self-Sovereign Identity?
Blockchain: Regulation and the Law in 2020.
Central Bank Digital Currencies and the Future of Money.