Podcast on the Travel Rule , Regulations and VASP. Notabene and Concordium

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Jul 8, 2020
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If you are interested in regulatory issues and how regulations work, this will add a lot of value to you.

Pelle Braendgaard and Andres Junge, co-founders of Notabene, a service for crypto companies to comply with the regulations of the "Travel Rule" are pioneers in cryptocurrencies in their respective countries and worldwide.

They have more than 6 years working in the industry and we have had the possibility to work together in ventures and in ConsenSys.

Lately there has been a lot of focus on VASPs, which are the Virtual Assets Service Providers or companies that offer virtual asset services.

The podcast mainly speaks about :
  • What It is Notabene.id and who are its clients.
  • What are the next trends in the crypto world What is a VASP: Virtual Asset Service Provider Details about what the "Travel Rule" asks
  • What protocols are used to transfer the information and how it will impact the exchanges cryptos
  • What are banks doing How will it impact LATAM in the next year

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the implementation of the Blockchain Concordium regulation and much more.

  • The world's first Blockchain with regulatory compliance inbuilt at protocol level, Concordium Blockchain, regulatory compliance and privacy , Verification of User Identity feature and much more.

    The podcast is mainly available in Spanish currently.

    Spotify : BTCEspanol Channel by Joaquin Moreno
    Episode name : Pelle B. y Andres Junge - Notabene, VASP, Travel Rule, Desafios Cripto
    Link : https://open.spotify.com/show/41uPtLx0tMD5APhTSikpHm

    Youtube : BTCenEspanol Podcast
    Episode Name : Pelle B. y Andres Junge - Notabene, VASP, Travel Rule, Desafios Cripto
    Link :