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Jul 30, 2020
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Multi Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing, is one of the famous business models in the market. The basic concept of MLM has been to create a win-win situation for MLM companies and participants of the MLM program. However, the traditional business model has its share of disadvantages. The lack of trust is one major factor. This is a result of centralized authority and not-so transparent procedures.

That’s where Bitcoin MLM created an interest in the market. By moving the MLM business to a decentralized blockchain and using smart contracts to automate transactions, business owners can provide users with a comprehensive platform where mutual trust and growth are possible.

Business owners can contact MLM software developers to invest in the best Bitcoin MLM software and become successful.

Advantages of Using Smart Contracts in MLM

1. Autonomy

2. Decentralization

3. Auto sufficiency

Blockchain-based MLM software with a smart contract enables quick transactions between MLM platform users. The smart contract automatically processes and calculates coins earned by platform users and transfers them to users’ wallets with minimum latency.

Reasons to build Bitcoin MLM software

Here are a few reasons why businesses can choose to build Bitcoin MLM software:


Bitcoin MLM software is built on Bitcoin blockchain, making it completely decentralized. With no human involvement, Bitcoin MLM software solutions put users in complete control of their funds, giving them the confidence of autonomous and secure transactions.

Immutable Smart contract

The immutable smart contract performs all of the calculations on the platform. It means that the smart contract based MLM platform is tamper-proof and immune to any kind of changes or amendments.

P2P transactions

The integration of a smart contract into Bitcoin MLM software drives peer-to-peer, automated transactions between platform users. The funds are automatically calculated through the smart contract and instantly transferred to users’ wallets.


At the core of Bitcoin MLM software is blockchain technology, which makes human functions redundant and the platform completely risk-free. The smart contract integrated into the system ensures that users’ accounts cannot be blocked, deleted, hacked, or changed by anyone.

Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning no one can control it nor destroy it. It is powered by a huge, distributed network of computers. All the bitcoin transactions are recorded in a list called blockchain, which is secure, impossible to get hacked and fraud activities to take place because all the blocks are chained to one another. So if someone tries to penetrate and break a block, not only that it won’t take place, but also the system will get the alert. So many online businesses use bitcoin nowadays for the extra security so does MLM business.

Various kinds of money transactions take place in MLM business frequently like payout, commission distribution, product purchase, investment, etc., thus increasing the risk of fraud, hacks and theft. So using bitcoin MLM software can be inevitable in Multi-level marketing in a view of the fact that it secures and eases all the money transactions as well as gives you a perfect environment for your MLM business. The popularity of Bitcoin MLM software is increasing day by day because it enables international digital money transactions to take place in a more open way while adding no transaction fees via cryptocurrency.

Important of Smart Contract

The first step to investing in something is to understand what it is and why it should be used. A smart contract is a computerized code that is programmed to automatically execute a transaction as long as it satisfies the criteria mentioned in the program. Smart contracts are used to automate and enable peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions among users and increase the transparency and efficiency of the platform.

The best way for business owners to save time and money without compromising on quality when developing a smart contract-based MLM business is by contacting the leading white-label MLM software developers in the market.

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Jan 6, 2020
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The System of Multilevel marketing is gaining more popularity. Also the Value of Cryptocurrency is also been realized by individuals and business around the world. Due to this reason there will be a booming amount of users in the upcoming years. Also people will hold cryptocurrency as a digital currency for their day to day transactions as well as for their long term investment, in order to gain more income.

This reasons to why launching an Ethereum smart contract based MLM platform in 2021 can be beneficial! Also, the conventional Network marketing model usually had drawbacks based on the trust between the participants and the MLM Companies, issues caused due to delayed payments etc. This has paved the way for Ethereum Smart contract MLM Software Development. By launching an Ethereum Smart contract MLM Software, the users as well as the admin will have passive income for the platform.

The users of the MLM Network can earn ETH as a passive income without the involvement of Central authorities. The users will be earning income by referring the mlm system to others and ultimately they will receive a commission from the referrals.

We, Pulsehyip the leading Smart contract based MLM Platform development company can help you build the Platform from its base. As, our developers are well versed in smart contract and Blockchain development, we can help you integrate more advantageous features to the platform that will make your MLM System more unique.