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Dec 1, 2020
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Blockchain has been a boon for many startups and entrepreneurs. Many businesses are originating in the base of Blockchain technology. One of the emerging Blockchain business trends is starting a crypto payment gateway. Let us know in detail about this business here.

What is a crypto payment gateway?

A crypto payment gateway is a software that allows users to pay the merchants using cryptocurrencies from their crypto wallets. As of 2021, Many crypto users not only use cryptocurrencies to make payments. With the use of a crypto payment gateway, crypto payments can happen safely and securely. Also, the crypto space is more convenient in many aspects.

What are the ways to develop a crypto payment gateway?

  • Developing it from scratch
  • Developing using white label solutions
The simplest and easiest way is to develop a Crypto payment gateway via white label solutions. A white label solution is a pre-programmed software that requires slight modifications on the interface based on the client's requirements. This process won't long more than ten days to deploy a platform. Do check the cost to develop a crypto payment gateway before kickstarting the development process. Money management is very important for the sake of business.

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