The complete argparse module tutorial


Sep 2, 2019
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argparse is indispensable, it is a recommended command-line parsing module in the Python standard library. To handle complex parameters and multiple filenames, argparse is an alternative and effective parser for sys.argv. This module handles command-line arguments in a systematic way, making it accessible to write user-friendly command-line programs. Argparse determines First, what arguments it requires. Then, argparse will work out how to parse these arguments to sys.argv. in addition to this, argparse generates automatically help and usage messages, and issues errors when invalid arguments are provided.
  • Why Use argparse module?
argparse — it parses the arguments. the argparse ,let the user of your program provide values for variables at runtime. It’s a means of communication between the writer of a program and the user. That user might be your future self. Using argparse means the doesn’t need to go into the code and make changes to the script. Giving the user… the ability to enter command line arguments provides flexibility.

Applications of argparse module:
  • using OpenCV library, the argparse can turn videos into images. You could use argparse so the user can enter input and output directories.
  • Software developing in Python programming
  • Data Scientists are extensively using in Data Science.
  • in the case of deep learning, you’ll see model paths or epoch counts as command line arguments.
  • Machine learning and so on.
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