What is IEO(Initial Exchange Offering) how it become the talk of the town?


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Feb 25, 2019
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Crypto Traders suggest Initial Exchange Offerings to be alternative for ICO. The major reason behind this is IEO has been resolving all the issues relating to ICO. Here you can sell a crypto coin or token via crypto exchange. IEO’s are the positive thing in the Decentralized Exchange space.

This can be a perfect idea for blockchain projects for IEO domain. IEO’s are the different types of tokens tied all together. The concept of Initial Exchange Offering was initially stated by the popular Crypto Exchange called Binance. In the case of IEO, both project developers and investors facilitate the transaction through the third-party reliable exchange.

Here are the basic advantages of IEO:

  1. Credibility: Projects which issue IEO have increased credibility, since the exchange aid the developers to make sure everything is good.
  2. Fewer Scams: Though the scams can’t be completely prevented, IEO’s ensure that the exchange will not phish you, the security is the highest of all the quality.
  3. Price Manipulation: IEO can prevent price manipulation to a higher extent.
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Hope this helps!