What is the Cost to Build a Centralised or Decentralised Exchange Platform?


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Mar 23, 2019
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Hi There!

If you are really looking forward to build a better and unique version of your product you need to spend some pennies on it without any restrictions.

Similarly lot of start-ups in the market offering scripts, white label solutions, custom development from the scratch. So these three modes differ with their costings and the features which your prefer!

Scripts starts from $3k to $12k
White Label Solutions starts from $7k to $35k
Custom Development from the scratch is for Enterprise customers and it starts from $50k to $100k on an average

The payment can be preferably made via BTC or traditional transaction for any start-ups you choose!

Zab Technologies is one such start-up Which I would recommend to create your own Exchange platform with white label or custom development from the scartch!

Type of exchange platforms they offer:
  1. Order Book Exchange
  2. User Admin Exchange
  3. Ads Based Exchange
They can guide you to build IEO module for your exchange as well and will make it run on famous exchange platforms which accepts IEO.

Check out their Official Website - https://www.zabtechnologies.net/

Free Demo Link - https://zabtechnologies792219.typeform.com/to/KVSZ7p

Write to us at contact@zabtechnologies.net