What is the TECH Token?


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Jul 8, 2018
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There's a reason that people love emerging technology and that's because today you can do crazy things like creating your own virtual currency and sharing it amongst a community of technologists if you want to.. how meta!

So that's exactly what we did, being that I come from a background in cryptocurrency and blockchain, we built the TECH token to be used to improve the community and directly benefitting it's members.

The overall aim of the TECH token is to be earned anyone that either brings value to the experience of others here or that helps our community grow and find other likeminded souls.

By owning an amount of TECH people will then be able to access extra features, be able to get discounts using their tokens when buying things from other platforms and brands that we partner with, and will even be able to withdraw their tokens to a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and trade them for other cryptocurrencies.

Bear with us though, because this is a work in progress at the moment and feedback from anyone in the community of the direction that the TECH token should take is very much welcome. Check out how to contact us here -> How Can I Contact Admin?

For more specifics about how to earn TECH, check out -> How Can I Earn TECH?

For more on how to spend you hard earned TECH, check out -> How Can I Use TECH?
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