White Label Crypto Exchange


Nov 4, 2020
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White Label Crypto Exchange is a Cryptocurrency Exchange platform designed to trade bitcoins, altcoins, tokens over a dedicated framework along with user-specified suggestions such as the user-friendly UI customizable front-end build-up to incorporate client’s own identity such as logo, name, etc.

The White Label Crypto Exchange finds the best use with Exchange operators, Brokerage services, OTC Desks, Liquidity Providers, Automated Market makers, and Security Token Offering Providers.

Why Maticz for White Label Crypto Exchange Development?
We Maticz the pioneer Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company have widespread exposure to the Cryptosphere and develop ready-to-market Crypto products for the use of the participants seeking Crypto-related quality of service.

We at Maticz design and develop the White Label Crypto Exchange with user-suggested specs to effectively carry out the exchange of Cryptocurrencies, thus contributing to the usability of the framework as well as the scalability of the Platform developed.

If you are in dire need of a Platform to carry out Cryptocurrency exchange try building your White Label Crypto exchange with Maticz.


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Dec 1, 2020
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For people who don't know about white label crypto exchange software, it is a pre-programmed, pre-tested Crypto exchange software. If you want an alternative way to develop an entire crypto exchange from scratch, you can prefer developing it from a white label crypto exchange. it is much more efficient and cost-effective.

Some of the prominent benefits of white label crypto exchange software:
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Scalability
  • Highly Customizable
  • No need for technical expertise
  • Easy development and deployment
If you are about to start a crypto exchange, then get reliable white label crypto exchange solutions from Zab technologies. Being a leading Crypto Exchange Development company we excel in developing and deploying superfine crypto exchanges with cutting edge features.

Features of our White label crypto exchange software:
  • Decentralized Trading
  • Liquidity Swap
  • Staking
  • Smart Pooling
  • IEO Launchpad
  • Crypto Wallet
  • Stop limit order and stop-loss orders
  • Limit maker orders
  • Order Book
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Advanced UI/UX Design
  • Payment Integrations
And more...

So what are you waiting for? Get a Free demo at >> white label crypto exchange software

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